2004 - Ph.D, IRSPS, Univ. Chieti, Italy
2000 - Degree in Earth Sciences, Univ. Chieti, Italy
1995 - Maturita Scientifica (high school diploma)

Professional experience
2016-2024 - Professor of Earth and Planetary Science at Constructor University (DE)
2011-2016 - Planetary Scientist at Jacobs University Bremen (DE)
2008-2010 - Discipline Scientist (Planets) at ISSI, Bern (CH)
2005-2008 - Research Fellow at ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL).
2004 - Geological mapping (Italian mapping program, CARG)

Research Domains
Planetary Geology - Remote Sensing - Terrestrial Analogues - Impact Cratering

Management and funding history
2021-2024 - Virtual Access Coordination and GMAP co-lead for Europlanet H2024 RI
2021-2023 - WP Lead (Lunar Applications) for H2020 Space Explore
2017-2018 - Principal Investigator of AGPA, part of ESA Pangea-X 2017
2018-2021 - H2020 Space Planmap Deputy Coordinator
2015-2019 - EuroPlanet-RI VESPA coordination team member and Surface Task leader
2015-2018 - EarthServer-2 (2.8M EUR) H2020 Project Manager and Planetary Science Data Service lead
2011-2014 - Planetary Science WP Leader of the EarthServer FP7 (4M EUR) project
2009-2010 - Programme management support within the ISSI-ESA Earth Science Programme

Planetary mission involvement
2017-present - Associate member of ESA ExoMars TGO CaSSIS experiment team
2014-present - Co-Investigator of ESA MEX HRSC Experiment (2005-2013 - Associate)
2011-2014 - Planetary Science Service lead, FP7 EarthServer
2009-present - Associate member of NASA MRO SHARAD Experiment

Organised conferences and workshops (exemplary)
2021-2024: co-designer and organiser of the Europlanet GMAP Winter Schools
2017: Organiser of the EuroPlanet-sponsored workshop "Planetary mapping and virtual Observatory", Roscoff, France
2016: Member of the Scientific Committee of the 32nd Meeting of the International Association of Sedimentology, Marrakech, Morocco
2015: Convenor of the ISSI workshop “Dust Devils on Earth and Mars”, ISSI, Bern
2015: Main convenor of the ESAC Planetary GIS workshop, ESA/ESAC, Spain
2015: Co-convenor of EPSC Session MT9
2015: Co-convenor of AGU Session IN41A
2014: Lead Convenor of the EGU 2014 Planetary Sciences session: “P2.4: Mars Science and Exploration (A. P. Rossi, A. Chicarro, D. Loizeau)” Vienna, Austria
2013: Lead Convenor of the EGU 2013 Planetary Sciences session: “P2.4: Mars Science and Exploration (A. P. Rossi, A. Chicarro, D. Loizeau)” Vienna, Austria
2013: Initiator and co-organiser of the Jacobs University BSPD executive master Apennines excursion
2012: Lead Convenor of the “Mars Surface Processes” Symposium at the 34th International Geological Congress
2012: Co-Convenor of the EGU 2012 Planetary Sciences session: “P2.4: Mars Science and Exploration (A. Chicarro, A. P. Rossi, D. Loizeau)” Vienna, Austria
2011: Member of the Scientific Organising committee for the EuroPlanet Landing Sites for Exploration Missions 2011 Workshop
2011: Co-convenor of the EGU 2011 Planetary Sciences session “P2.4: Mars Science and Exploration (A. Chicarro and A. P. Rossi)”, Vienna, Austria
2009: Member of the Scientific Organising Committee for the 43rd ESLAB Symposium
2009: Co-organiser and teacher at the ESA Advanced Mars School in China
2009: General Scientific Coordinator for the ASI USGS workshop “Geological Mapping of Mars”
2008-2009: ISSI Venus Climate Working Group
2007: European Mars Science and Exploration Conference: Mars Express and ExoMars, Noordwijk, Netherlands
2007: Main organiser of the 1st Mars Express Data workshop, ESA/ESAC, Villafranca del Castillo, Spain
2006: 40th ESLAB Symposium – 1st International Conference on Impact Cratering in the Solar System, ESA/ESTEC Noordwijk, Netherlands
2005: 1st Mars Express Science Conference, Noordwijk, Netherlands

Service, Panels and community support
2019-present - Vice President of the Europlanet Society
2018 - Co-founder of the OpenPlanetary association
2018-present - Member of the Advisory Council of EarthArXiv
2017-2020 - Extraterrestrial biogeosciences and Earth analogs officer of the EGU Biogeosciences section
2015: Co-initiator of OpenPlanetary initiative
2014-2015: Member of the international ISSI study team “Multidisciplinary Search for Preservation Windows of Biomolecules in Modern and Ancient Terrestrial Analogs as a Proxy for Ancient Deposits of Mars”
2013-2016: Chair of the ESA PSA User Group
2012: Participation for the ESA study “Planetary Protection Research Activity”
2011: Member of the Science Definition Team (SDT) of the ESA Mars Network Science mission study (MNSM)
2008-2012: Serving in multiple ESA Planetary Science Archive (PSA) remote sensing data review panels
2010-2012: Member of the MEPAG (Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group)
International analysis group NASA-ESA “End to End Mars Sample Return Campaign”
2009-2011: Member of the international ISSI study team “Interior Layered Deposits: What do they tell us about Mars Evolution?”
2007-2008: Member of the Science Definition Team (SDT) of the ESA MarsNext study
2005-2008: Member of the ESA Mars Express Project Scientist Team
2005-2008: Member of the core expert group of N7 activity for EuroPlanet (European Planetology Network) project

Teaching and supervision record
2023: ASN - Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale / Italian national scientific habilitation, full (primna fascia) level
2017: ASN - Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale / Italian national scientific habilitation, associate (seconda fascia) level
2016: Lead organizer of the 32nd IAS post-meeting Short course on planetary Remote Sensing for Sedimentary Geology, Marrakech, Morocco
2015: “Advanced Planetary Sciences, Spring 2015”, JUB
2014, 2016: “Introduction to Planetary Sciences, Fall 2014, Spring 2016”, JUB
2014, 2015: “Geology II, Fall 2014”, JUB
2014, 2015: “Geology I, Fall 2014”, JUB
2014-2015: “Geospatial Data Analysis ”, JUB
2013-2014: “General Earth and Space Sciences – Planetary Geology module ”, JUB
2013: Lecturer at the 3rd ESA-China Mars Advanced School, China
2012-2013: “General Earth and Space Sciences – Planetary Geology module ”, JUB
2011-present: PhD student supervision (Planetary Geology), JUB
2010-present: Supervision of BSc students JUB
2009: ESA Mars Advanced School, Jiaxing, China
2008-2009: Profesore Invidado (guest professor) in area “Geologia”, University of Montevideo, Uruguay
2009: Course on Mars Geology, University of Montevideo, Uruguay
2008: Tutor at the 2008 Alpbach Summer School
2008: Instructor for MEX HRSC (High Resolution Stereo Camera) at the 2nd Mars Express Data Workshop, Washington University St. Louis, USA
2007: Instructor for MEX HRSC (High Resolution Stereo Camera) at the 1st Mars Express Data Workshop, ESA/ESAC, Villafranca del Castillo, Spain
2007: Course on Mars Geology and planetary data analysis, COSPAR capacity building workshop, Montevideo, Uruguay.
2005-2011: Supervision of MSc and PhD students (UdA, U. Montevideo, UY)
2005-2008: Supervision of trainees at ESA ESTEC

Editorial activity
2018-2021 - Editor-in-chief of Planetary and Space Science
2015-2016 - Co-editor of the ISSI Scientific Report (Space Science Reviews) on Dust Devils
2008, 2011 - guest editor for Planetary & Space Science
2012-2023 - Member of the editorial board of Planetary & Space Science
2013-2016 - Topical Editor (Planetary Science) of EGU Solid Earth

Selected invited seminars
2017: Lectures on Solar System Exploration Missions and their Scientific Outcome, 38th Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, University of Heidelberg, Germany
2017: Short course on "Introduction to the Geology of the Terrestrial Planets", University of Bologna, Italy
2016: Invited seminar "Beyond the wall of Planetary Geology: The quest for the subsurface", Freie Universität Colloquium, Berlin , Germany
2015: Invited seminar “Planetary Geology: Between a rock and a hard place?”, Freie Universität Colloquium “Perspektiven der Planetologie”, Berlin , Germany
2014: Invited lecture at MPSE 2014 “Connecting planetary scientists in Europe”, Warsaw, Poland
2013: Invited Seminar “Concentric crater asymmetry [on Mars]”. Kolloquium, Institut für Planetologie, Universität Münster, Germany
2012: Invited talk “From Udean to Jacobscene: 2001-2012 experiences”.
Celebration for the 20th anniversary of the Geology program at University d’Annunzio, Chieti, Italy
2012: Invited seminar “Fluid escape features and pathways through Mars' geological history”, Aarhus University, Denmark
2011: Invited talk “Martian sedimentary processes: From extreme to familiar. And back.” Swisssed – Meeting of the Swiss Sedimentologists, Fribourg, Switzerland
2011: Invited talk “Landing sites & perspective of a (remote sensing) geoscientist”, EuroPlanet Landing Sites for Exploration Missions 2011 Workshop, Leiden, the Netherlands
2009: Seminar “Sedimentary (?) deposits in Martian craters”, ESA, Noordwijk, the Netherlands
2007: Seminar “Soft Rock Geology from Mars Express”, Hutton Club, University of Edinburgh
2007: Invited talk “Mars Express: The first European Mission to Mars”, Montevideo, Uruguay
2006: Invited talk, Venus Express Orbit Insertion, ESA ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

Selected outreach and communication
2007-2011 - Participation to international TV/radio programs, documentaries (2007-2011), e.g. on NatGeo
2007-2008 - Scientific support for ESA Planetary Science web stories
2007 - Scientific support for the ESA ESRIN European Research Night
2007 - PR support at ESA ESRIN for Venus Express launch and orbit insertion
2006 - Scottish Space School with ESA/NASA scientists and astronauts

ESA outstanding contribution to Mars Express mission award 2003-2013