2004 - Ph.D, IRSPS, Univ. Chieti, Italy
2000 - Degree in Earth Sciences, Univ. Chieti, Italy
1995 - Maturita Scientifica (high school diploma)

Professional experience
2016-present - Assistant Professor at Jacobs University Bremen (DE)
2011-2016 - Planetary Scientist at Jacobs University Bremen (DE)
2008-2010 - Discipline Scientist (Planets) at ISSI, Bern (CH)
2005-2008 - Research Fellow at ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL).
2004 - Geological mapping (Italian mapping program, CARG)

Research Domains
Planetary Geology - Remote Sensing - Terrestrial Analogues - Impact Cratering

Space missions & projects
2017-present - Principal Investigator of AGPA, part of ESA Pangea-X 2017
2018 (start) - H2020 Space Planmap Deputy Coordinator
2015-present - H2020 EarthServer-2 Coordinator and Planetary Science lead
2015-present - H2020 EuroPlanet-RI participant and VESPA GIS/VO task lead
2017-present - Associate member of ESA ExoMars TGO CaSSIS experiment team
2014-present - Co-Investigator of ESA MEX HRSC Experiment (2005-2013 - Associate)
2011-2014 - Planetary Science Service lead, FP7 EarthServer
2009-present - Associate member of NASA MRO SHARAD Experiment

Services, panels, groups
2018 - Co-founder of the OpenPlanetary association
2018-present - Member of the Advisory Council of EarthArXiv
2017-present - Extraterrestrial biogeosciences and Earth analogs officer of the EGU Biogeosciences section
2013-2016 - ESA Planetary Science Archive User Group, chair
2010-2012 - Member of the Mars Sample Return E2E iSAG
2011 - SOC member Europlanet Landing Sites for Exploration Missions 2011 Workshop
2005-2008 - Former member of the ESA MEX Project Scientist Team
2005-2008 - Former member of the core expert group of N7 activity for Europlanet
2008 - Tutor at the 2008 Alpbach Summer School

Editorial activity
2018-2021 - Editor-in-chief of Planetary and Space Science
2012-present - Member of the editorial board of Planetary and Space Science
2013-2016 - Topical Editor (Planetary Science) of EGU Solid Earth
2008, 2011 - guest editor for Planetary & Space Science

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